• "Great experience” says female labourer
    "Great experience” says female labourer
    19th Mar 2021

    Davimac Group welder, Violet Phillips says being a woman hasn’t impacted the way she is treated in the workplace.

    21 year-old Brisbane native Violet Phillips is assisting the manufacturing team at Davimac Group, working at both Agrowplow and Davimac sites.

    Her adventurous spirit led her to Molong to work at a local egg farm, while living with Davimac Industrial Designer Deon Stapelberg and his family.

    COVID restrictions meant Violet moved back home to family in Queensland earlier this year, but she yearned to find another adventure.

    Unable to travel to Victoria due to COVID-related border closures and looking for work, she came back to Molong.

    Deon suggested she contact Davimac Group in regards to any welder or labourer opportunities.

    “I did woodwork and metalwork at school and really liked it. So I’d been thinking about that for a while. I was too scared to go and do anything about it,” Violet said. 

    “Given I was here two weeks earlier than I’d planned to be anyway, I figured it was the best chance I’d get, so I went and asked.”

    Being the only female in the fabrication team hasn’t impacted on the way she’s treated by her workmates, or her output.

    “It’s pretty good. I like it out there...They look after me,” she said.

    “I’m happy overall to get this chance. It was all so random out of nowhere, and it’s worked out.”

    Violet’s is heading to South Australia to volunteer as a camel leader at Beltana Station in the Flinders Ranges next month.

    We all hope she'll come back to re-join the team after her outback experience.

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