About Us

Davimac Group is the proud Australian manufacturer of high-quality agricultural equipment. Our team is dedicated to helping our farmers get the most out of each crop through our tough and innovative tillage, seeding, and harvest machinery.


Davimac chaser bins are renowned for their rugged strength and reliability in the paddock. From humble origins in a backyard shed, Davimac has since grown to become a nationally-recognised brand. Today, farmers across Australia rely on their Davimac chaser bins to help deliver a better crop season after season.

Davimac chaser bins come in a range of sizes and undercarriage options to ensure each harvest is delivered efficiently and with a minimum of soil compaction. High-speed augers deliver grain quickly, ensuring operators minimise the time spent away from the headers. High floatation harvest tyres and Australian-made track systems ensure the bin can handle all types of terrain, and the unique convex sides and distinctive blue colour stands out against the competition, making Davimac chaser bins a regular sight every harvest.

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Agrowplow farm machinery has been a mainstay of Australian agriculture for almost 40 years. Built on a promise of ‘prosperity through soil care’, Agrowplow implements allow farmers to grow a larger, healthier crop through innovative deep ripping and no-till seeding machinery. With a range of CTF-width ploughs and versatile seed drills, Agrowplow farm equipment is ideal for the smallest hobby farm to the largest broadacre enterprise.

The Agrowdrill series offers robust direct-drill performance in both wet and dry sowing conditions thanks to its durable tyne and disc undercarriages and range of soil-finishing options. The Agrowplow range of deep rippers offers a tough, no-nonsense platform for alleviating soil compaction with variable spacing options, durable wear-parts, and ability to penetrate deep into even the toughest soils.

Davimac acquired Agrowplow in 2013. The two brands have since combined Agrowplow’s commitment to soil-conscious farming with Davimac’s commitment to strength and reliability to produce a new generation of high-quality farm machinery.

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The increasing focus on controlled traffic farming has made many farms re-evaluate the undercarriage that supports their machinery. Reducing compaction has been shown to promote soil health and crop growth, but this can only be achieved with the use of consistent CTF width machinery.

Vimcor tracks are the first track system to be fully designed and manufactured in Australia, making them ideally suited to a range of agricultural and construction enterprises. The Vimcor track system allows your clients to achieve consistent CTF widths with a system offering minimal compaction and lower maintenance requirements.

Vimcor tracks are compatible with a wide range of agricultural machinery, including chaser bins and boom sprayers. Transfer tracks are also available that offer reduced compaction and greater floatation across a whole fleet of machines without the need for expensive retrofitting.

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Davimac Motorsports

Davimac Motorsports grew out of a love of 4WD and off-road racing. It started as a hobby, rebuilding a 1996 Ford Hilux to conquer the infamous Old Telegraph Track in Cape York. Since then, it’s grown into building an Ultra4 racer from scratch, including custom CAD and long travel IFS suspension.

The end-goal for this racer is competing in the Australian Ultra4 Series and eventually in the King of the Hammers, the toughest off-road race held in the USA.

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Our History

Davimac Group has been a mainstay of Australian agriculture for almost four decades. Its reputation in building high quality, extremely durable farming equipment has grown over the years since its inception. Get to know more how we started.

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