About Us

Davimac Group is the proud Australian manufacturer of high-quality agricultural equipment. Our team is dedicated to helping our farmers get the most out of each crop through our tough and innovative tillage, seeding, and harvest machinery.

Our Values

Farming is hard work. That’s why our machines are built to rigorous standards to meet the needs of whatever farm they are used on. No two farms are entirely alike, which means our equipment needs to be able to handle whatever is through at them – from the tanned sands of Western Australia’s broadacre cropping, to South Australia’s narrow vineyard trellises, to the rolling brown hills of rural NSW livestock paddocks.

To meet these standards, our team is committed to our three pillars of quality: strength, durability, and reliability. Our uncompromising standards mean every machine we make is ready for a life of hard work. That way you can have confidence that farm equipment manufactured by Davimac Group will get the job done right every time.


When the going is tough – and when is it not? – you want a machine that can handle whatever conditions it’s thrown into. At Davimac Group we pride ourselves on developing farm machinery with the strength to perform no matter where it’s being used. The toughest hardpan buckles under our advanced plough shank technology, dry soils are made fertile seed-beds after an Agrowdrill works the land, and the weight of the richest harvests are no match for the build quality of a Davimac chaser bin.


Nothing tests durability like life on a farm. Every jolting start, sudden bump, and buried rock tests the build quality of your farm equipment. Davimac Group products are built tough from heavy-duty materials to reduce cracking, warping, and splitting. This means less downtime for you so you can focus on the work at hand, rather than a wobbly axle.


When the conditions are right, they’re right usually only for a few hours. Those are small windows of opportunity when even a single paddock can take hours to sow and even longer to harvest. Our equipment is built to be ready when you are, so that you can take advantage of optimal conditions while they last. Everything about our machines is designed to require minimum maintenance and simple calibration to get you out from the shed and working in the paddock sooner.

Our Team

Farming is hard work. That’s why our team works hard on building machines to rigorous standards to meet the needs of whatever farm they are used on. Davimac Group will get the job done right every time. Get to know the people behind our success.

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